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There are so many pretty cels out there, so you get to enjoy a long list of things I wish for, but will never have enough money to afford.

Right now I only have general info on cels I'm looking for. One day when time is in abundance, I'll get screencaps for all my major wishlist cels.

Until then you're stuck with the major generalization of every anime I ever wished that I had something from.

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Ayashi No Ceres
Chidori and Yuuhi together Low
Wei Low
CCS - Card Captor Sakura
Flashback scenes with Meilin, Li, or Touya. High
Movie 2 Waltz scene or OP cel High
Touya from Movie 2 High
Nakuru glomping Touya Medium
Ruby Moon Medium
Touya in bunny suit glaring at Yukito Medium
Clamp X 1999
Arashi, Yuzuriha, Inuki, or Sorata Medium
Dragonball Z
Mirai Trunks (not SSJ) or Vegito High
Movie shot of Allen, Van in Dragon Armor High
Merle Low
Fushigi Yuugi
Cel from this scene with Hotohori High
Nice shot of Tetsuya High
Cel from this scene Medium
Keisuke, Nyan Nyan Medium
Kouji Medium
Question Mark Low
Inu Yasha
Flashback Sango and Kirara Very High
Sesshoumaru and Rin Very High
Rin and Ah-Un High
Sesshoumaru High
Rin and Jaken Medium
Sango * FOUND* Medium
A nice shot of Inuyasha * FOUND * Low
Sango and Miroku * FOUND * Low
Legend of Basara
Flashback Shuri Will Give Kidney
Child Tatara Very High
Shuri Very High
Shuri's letter to Sarasa Very High
Tatara High
Sarasa Medium
Asagi Low
Magic Knight Rayearth
Eagle, Lantis, Mokona, or Hikaru in Autozam outfit Medium
Marmalade Boy
Eyecatch High
Miwa or Micheal Low
Prince of Tennis
Kikumaru Eiji or Karupin High
Echizen Ryoma, Fuji Syusuke, Tezuka Kunimitsu, and Ibu Shinji. Medium
Rurouni Kenshin
Aoshi Very High
Misao High
Captain Sagara Medium
The two little girls - Ayame and Suzume Medium
Karou from the first episode with sword or as a little girl Low
Sailor Moon
Endymion, Chibi Mamoru, Neo-Queen Serenity Very High
Hotaru High
Makoto/Sailor Jupiter or Pegasus Medium
Sorcerer Stabber Orphen
Orphen or Leki Medium
Tenchi Muyo
Nagi with Kenohki High
Washu or Nagi Medium
Washu with Taro Medium
Unknown / Miscellaneous
Any character from The Heroic Legend of Arslan/Arislan * Kodocha/Kodomo no Omocha/Child's Toy * Pokemon * Raph from Tenshi ni Narumon/I Want to be an Angel * Windaria * Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers * Princess Nine * Rainbow Brite * My Little Pony (Spike the Dragon) * Outlaw Star * Kamakaze Kaitou Jeanne * She-Ra * Yu-gi-oh (Seto Kaiba) * Pilot Candidate (Candidate for Goddess) * Ninja Mono (Cadet) * Unico * The Legend of Zelda * Captain N * The Wuzzles * Care Bears * Disney * Hankens * Last Exile Sketches * Samurai Deeper Kyo Reliezu * Tsubasa Chronicles * Any Thing Flashback or Chibi **** Gosh I hope I didn't miss anything. :} High
Miki, Touga, or Dios Medium
Yu Yu Hakusho
Hiei, Kurama, or Yusuke's Spirit Beast Medium

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