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Links, links, links, links, sausage links...

Whoops. Sorry. I am currently a waitress and silly little things like that slip out every now and then...

Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm weird.

*sigh* I have yet to cope with that fact.

FOR SALE SITE - The cels on this site are from my personal collection and are open to offers or the prices listed.
Anime Beta - A place for friendly conversation amoungst cel collectors.
Anime Beta Members Locations - A map of some of the cel collectors of the world.
Anime Music Videos - Want to see Tainted Donuts or The Chibi Things (That Kill)? Click away...many more await.
DeviantART ~confusedmoogle - My little space on DeviantART.
Japanese Name Translation - There are better name translators out there, but this is the only one I can remember offhand.
Navajo Culture - Cultural exposure is a wonderful thing, so become exposed...that didn't come out right.


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