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Cels Online(that are nicely scanned): ~590
Cels Online(that are NOT nicely scanned): ~472
~70% of Cels Online
Sketches Online: ~68
~40% of Sketches Online

8/11/2005 ***Updated: Young Shuri - the Red King from Basara *squeal* ***


News & Updates

5/10/2020So 11 years later, I finally post something! Life is busy, life is hectic, please excuse my lack of scans. Hopefully more will come. So lately I've put up (3) Fushigi: one OVA child of Miaka and ¿Tamahome? lol, Tasuki and Kouji and sketch (4) Pokemon, mostly Pikachu (3) Naruto reproduction cels. Enjoy.
11/15/2009Since it has been a long, long time since I've posted I just uploaded my most lovey, dovey cels for the moment. Includes two flashback cels from CCS, a young Hotohori, two sublime Veggie-heads and a Pokemon Movie cel. As always, enjoy!
6/12/2009Updating slowly once more. This time I'm using edited camera shots, so unless a cel has a background with it, the background is going to be white. Again, later on these ugly little creations will be replaced with glorious scans and more in-depth commentary. Until then enjoy the small CCS, DBZ, Esca, MKR, Fancels, Ninja Mono, & Misc update.
4/20/2009Added: Basara, Capt N, Care Bears, CCS, DaDaDa, DBZ, Disney, Esca, Ewoks, 8th MS Team, Ferngully, FY, Ghostbusters, David the Gnome, Heathcliff, Hello Kitty, He-Man, She-Ra & HxH. Highlights for this section are the She-Ra/He-Man model cels, some awesome Touya cels, a chibi flashback Meilin, Nyan Nyan and my Basara additions. The scanned section is too big, so I'm going to start putting the cels in the regular sections even without being scanned starting sometime in the next two weeks (I think I'll add comments to them then - just not the cel numbers and such). Again, until then please bear with my disorganization. Many Apologizes

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Title Last Updated
***Cels to be Scanned*** (122) 4/20/2009
Ayashi No Ceres (29) 3/7/2009
Captain N (25) 4/20/2009
CCS - Card Captor Sakura (27) 6/5/2009
CCS - Meilin & Li Flashbacks (26) 11/15/2009
CCS - Touya & Nakuru (58) 4/20/2009
CLAMP (4) 4/10/2007
Dragonball Z (36) 11/15/2009
Escaflowne (7) 6/12/2009
Fanart / Fancel (24) 8/17/2009
Fushigi Yuugi (15) 4/28/2020
Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden (19) 7/26/2007
Ghostbusters (8) 4/20/2009
Hana Yori Dango (21) 4/6/2009
Hello Kitty (7) 4/20/2009
He-Man / She-Ra (50) 4/20/2009
Hunter x Hunter (10) 4/20/2009
Inu Yasha (16) 6/12/2009
Jubei-chan (2) 4/5/2009
Jura Tripper (4) 2/21/2007
Kodocha ( Child's Toy ) (6) 1/27/2020
Legend of Basara (6) 4/20/2009
Legend of Zelda / Mario Brothers (30) 4/5/2009
Magic Knight Rayearth (41) 6/12/2009
Magic Knight Rayearth - Extras (19) 6/12/2009
Marmalade Boy (25) 4/5/2009
Marmalade Boy - Michael (11) 4/5/2009
Marmalade Boy - Satoshi Miwa (7) 4/5/2009
My Little Pony (13) 3/31/2009
Naruto (8) 5/10/2020
Ninja Mono ( Ninja Cadet ) (18) 6/12/2009
Outlaw Star (4) 6/12/2009
Pokemon (14) 5/10/2020
Popples / Dinosaucers (8) 7/28/2009
Pretty Sammy (3) 1/23/2007
Prince of Tennis (31) 2/13/2008
Princess Nine (26) 4/5/2009
Rainbow Brite (14) 10/10/2005
Rugrats (6) 10/10/2005
Rurouni Kenshin (19) 7/28/2009
Sailor Moon (61) 8/17/2009
Sailor Moon - Extras (19) 3/15/2009
Sailor Moon - Makoto ( Jupiter ) (49) 7/28/2009
Saiyuki (9) 6/20/2005
Sonic the Hedgehog (12) 3/15/2009
Sorcerer Stabber Orphen (8) 2/16/2008
Tenchi Muyo (57) 8/17/2009
Tenchi Muyo - Extras (31) 8/17/2009
Tenchi Muyo - Nagi (19) 8/17/2009
Tenchi Muyo - Washu (33) 8/17/2009
Tenshi Ni Narumon (17) 3/9/2009
Thundercats (3) 1/11/2008
Unknown / Miscellaneous (26) 6/12/2009
X-Men (29) 1/27/2020
Yu Yu Hakusho (26) 8/17/2009

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