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About A Confused Little Moogle

I think I have been collecting since January of 2001. I'm currently a student with an unhealthy obsession with plastic crack (aka original production cels). Although, right now my collection isn't that great, I hope to improve upon it. I'm half Native American - Navajo (tribe) - see my Links section for more info on Navajo Culture.

What else? I'm a horrible speller. Should probably apologize for that right now.
I live in New Mexico. I feel as though I should apologize for that fact also - I'm not really sure why, but it just feels right. So, pity me. *whimper*

Go here and click on confusedmoogle and it should show you near where I'm at:

And with that I hit a mental road block which has inevitably impaired my writing of this about me page. Maybe later I'll figure out what to type in this space.

In the meantime, email me with questions you might want answered about myself or my gallery.

Hope to hear from you soon!

11/14/08 Something else I should add to this little about me section - I recently achieved the blue belt level in Tae Kwon Do! Hooray for ME!
*does a little dance*

7/18/09 I am now a brown belt and Drakonia became a yellow belt.

Oooh...oooh...I also like video games, especially RPGs(Role Playing Games)


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